Rockefeller Centre

My two friends were in New York at the end of September and it remained me that I have two more panorama pictures from the “big apple”. I took them at the top of the Rockefeller Centre. Although I need to say that I prefer the beautiful views from the top of hills not from buildings, these place was amazing.

There were many people as everywhere, but we could move freely and took pictures of whatever we wanted. Specially, it makes me very happy that there wasn’t any plexiglass at the top as it was in Empire State building. I understand safety reasons of all these things, but I think I felt safety enough even without all that barriers which covered the view of my camera. The most impressive view was of course on the side with the Central Park. It was beautiful even it was brown a little bit due to the end of the winter.

The nice thing about this building is also that there is only one direct lift up and there wasn’t too big queue for it. On the way up and down you can watch very colourful video on the ceiling of the lift and as it is kind of transparent, you can see all the way in front of you.