Only 1:15h per person!

Do you also know that great type of advertisements, which always offer something with words “from … " ? Than you think about it more or you read that small letters at the bottom of the flyer and find out the conditions under which you will belong to the group of happy ones with that great price only “from” :) And so it occurred to me to write something similar. Would you like to relax, get out from your very well known place and spend i.e. longer weekend in Munich and its surroundings? Now, you have the best chance ever, you need only one hour and 15 minutes to get here. You can walk through the old town, see lovely historical buildings and churches and buy a souvenir on the market for your friends. You can use a brilliant three-day ticket for traveling, which is even cheaper for a group of up to five people. You could also visit the biggest park English garden or many other places, drink a beer and eat some pretzels. And if you like to see more nature and lakes, you can get closer to them in less than hour.If you don’t want to rush anywhere far away, you can just walk around in our neighborhoods. Specially, in the winter time, you can enjoy a snowy park and watch many kids sliding down the hill. So do not hesitate and come to visit us :)

Well, I mentioned some small letters at the beginning, so here we go :)Time 1:15h was specified for the four drivers (for each driver individually) in one car driving from the place in Slovakia not farer than 30km from Bratislava. In case of the traffic jam on the highway or changed conditions by you, mentioned time is not guaranteed :)