After Friday traveling, chatting and walking among lovely Swiss houses in our surroundings, we went to a capital city - Bern. It’s quite small but very cute and there are bears all around :)Well, I mean pictures, symbols and statues in the shape of the bear. There are many nice historical buildings and arched underpasses with small shops everywhere. There are loads of Italian restaurants, shops with chocolate and pralines and of course shops with watches. A pizza we tried for a dinner was very tasty and we discovered one slovak waitress there as well (the world is very small). My lovely husband started dreaming about another watch by seeing all that nice pieces in the shop windows. We didn’t buy any of them, but when we walked around another chocolate shop, we couldn’t withstand temptation of tasting Swiss chocolate. We bought the piece of dark chocolate with big hazelnuts in it, which was broke off from a big chocolate plate for us. Well, it wasn’t really cheap, but it was worthy :)We got also recommendation to visit ZOO in Bern, but we will rather do that in warmer months. The overall impression of the city was very good. It would be also lovely place to be for skiing as it is surrounded by Alps. Actually, we met someone carrying sleigh, skis or snowboard at every moment.