How we went to Switzerland

Our friends “chrobaci” invited us to visit them and we simply couldn’t say no :)After a long working week, Andrej took two days off, we rent a car, checked on a google map how to get there, packed some things and set off a journey. We turned on a navigation and as it showed approximately good amount of kilometers and time of arriving, we relied on it.We came to Bodensee lake (which is really huge) and when we suddenly left the highway and stayed on the right side of the lake in Germany, we started thinking if the navigating is right.

I checked if Zurich, where we headed was the same as in the navigation and then I found out that it led us to cross the lake at Konstanz. Well, we decided to find if there was an enormous bridge, tunnel or ferry and in the third case return to the beginning of the lake and find the way to Austrian highway as we thought that circumvent the lake from this side will be too long. So, ferry costs 12.50 euros :)We turned off the navigation and wanted to return back, but somehow we found ourselves on the wrong side of highway without any chance to escape and we needed to rely on the navigation again. We avoided using the ferry and went to the end of the lake and finally we cross Swiss borders. We were happy, satisfied and we were delayed only about 20 minutes, so basically everything was according to the previous plan. It was last 20 minutes to Zurich, when we suddenly cross German borders. I was zooming in the map suspiciously to find how it is possible, when we crossed Swiss borders again. I realised how interesting borders are between these two countries. From that point we only laughed and swore that we will set the navigation properly next time.Except this traveling at the beginning, the whole trip was absolutely amazing and we will definitely return in a warmer weather as well.