We were somehow tired enough not to go seeing night Zurich on Saturday evening, but I think it must be beautiful. We went there the next day and I really loved the atmosphere of that city. If there wasn’t any snow, I think we are in one of the coastal towns somewhere in Italy (possibly in France, but I’ve never been there). There were many narrow streets and nice colorful buildings with wooden shutters. Well, I’m sure we would be lost without our guides :). One thing I didn’t understand, there was water in every single fountain, of course half frozen. It didn’t surprised me as it was freezing outside, I just didn’t understand why they didn’t turn the water off. In Munich, there are even statues covered with wooden boxes at this time and it’s not so cold here. It was really nice to watch how different cultures are mixed there. Lot of words were French or something between French and German or we could say Swiss :). And again there were loads of Italian restaurants. Well, we agreed that Swiss people just take all the best things and mixed them together.

The lake is huge with parking places for the boats and we walk along the part of it in a little park. You can see mountains everywhere around and there is also one good view point, but we only heard about it as the visibility wasn’t too great and it would be probably meaningless to go there. Actually, it was also pretty cold and my camera (better said batteries) thought the same. It kept showing me the low battery sign andmy fingers were frozen by holding itdespite the gloves. That was the point were I stopped taking pictures … hmm I need to tell my dear husband that we have to go there again (honey, are you reading? :)). The last thing we found quite funny (but only because of our pretty slovak language) was the word for greeting people. In Germany, you usually sayGrüß Gott, which means God bless you. The Swiss version of it is Grüezi with pronunciation [grueci], which sound almost like [grici]. The meaning of that in slovak language is quite funny, I think I will remember that word forever :)