Last weekend, we took advantage of a good weather after a long week of snowing and went sledding. We’ve already been on the Wallberg hill for hiking before. This time we used the cable-car on the way up and we sledded down the hill.

We borrowed sleds each separately, but later we agreed that next time we’ll sled together as it requires an appropriate weight. Andrej was faster and he didn’t “fly” after each bump on the road. But it was a great experience. The track is about as wide as an average road, it is 6.5km long and it really takes some half an hour to sled it. At the beginning, there were too many people, but it didn’t take long and all of them somehow spread along the track and we could fully enjoy the sledding. The temperature was around -12 and so each time I pulled my hands out of the gloves my appetite to take pictures or make videos was proportionally decreased :)

The plan for the next time (perhaps with our own sled, if we get any) is to sled the track once, go by cable-car up to the restaurant, eat some good and hot soup and then sled again.