Skiing in Laax

This year I made several New Year’s resolutions (I will sometimes write about them). One of them is to ski this winter properly. Before Christmas, we decided to visit our friends in Switzerland and we were going to look at several ski resorts near Zurich. But this plan failed, because during our planned weekend heat wave arrived from Spain and at 1100 m it was suddenly 7 degrees. Finally, we opted for the more distant, but higher placed resort Laax, where we were skiing at around 2500 m at a pleasant temperature just below zero.

In the Alps, we skied for the first time, so I cannot compare it but I definitely can recommend it. We started skiing when the lifts were opened until their closure (around four o’clock) and we used the same slopes only twice. One slope was really long, it took us maybe half hour to get down, but it was worthy (number 10 on the right on the slopes plan). People were scattered over the hills so much that sometimes we had wide slope only for ourselves. Well, apart from the slopes, the view of snowy hills and surrounding countryside was simply breathtaking.