I must say that this place is simply wonderful. We haven’t been to Zugspitze (the highest peak in Germany, 2962m), because we somehow couldn’t stop skiing in such a beautiful weather. But we agreed that we would make this trip in the summer.

I’ve never really thought about the name of the peak until now, when I found out that you can go just below it by train (der Zug). This cogwheel train (Zahnradbahn) goes from the main station in Garmisch-Partenkirchen through three stops in the Garmisch classic ski area, then through Grainau toward the lake Eibsee and after a while from there it is lost in the tunnel (4.8km long, through which the journey takes about 25 minutes). After the tunnel it emerges on Zugspitzplatt about 300 meters below Zugspitze. The whole journey by this train from Grainau up to the plateau took 50 minutes, what is not surprising when I consider the almost 2000m elevation that this train overcame.

Zugspitzplatt is great for skiing, slopes are not very steep but more pleasant to learn or improve of skiing skills. And well, the iceberg with 240cm of snow also makes a difference :). In addition to the restaurants with nice views, there was also a small church up there and we explored the igloo village with a greeting bar too.

I’ve never been in the igloo before and so I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly temperature inside. It is possible to sit on the furs there enjoying cheese fondue or to even stay in one of the rooms (they can be arranged with romantic hearts or anything according to occasion, more on Iglu-Dorf). We didn’t tried that, but we got mulled wine from the bar and we were sunbathing.

Lastly, there are some videos from the plateau and my skiing, which was always praised and encouraged by my dear husband :)