Easter trip

Last Friday we went to Easter trip. We had a beautiful warm weather, around 25 degrees and I saw a newspaper tip for a nice trip to a waterfall. I thought that in this lovely April weather everything is melting and so there could be a lot of water. After a small survey, I found two other even bigger waterfalls near the original one. From parking places it was up to 20 minutes walk to each one and so we decided to see all of them. The first part of our trip began in the village Bayrischzell. We found easily the path to the waterfall and we also eyed the next trip to the Wendelstein mountain above the waterfall about three more hours of hiking. These waterfalls are relatively small and I felt like there was not enough water, but we didn’t give up and walk a bit further toward the beautiful green lake. Well, it was at least described in this way by the guide, but we would obviously need to return there to see it. The only thing we saw was a little splash in the arid country. But the environment there is really charming.

By car, we moved about 15km further to the hotel Feuriger Tatzelwurm with the hope that next waterfalls will be better. They were clearly more beautiful. But the density of the tourists there also rose. Our third and final goal was Arzbach waterfall on the road between the two previous. On the way from Tatzelwurm, we parked in a large parking place on the right side and walked on a wide sidewalk on the opposite side of the road. We said hallo to a policewoman behind the bush, who was waiting there for motorbikers who broke the rules. Waterfall is not far away, I would say that the description 15 minutes is quite accurate when you know where to go. When the path starts to climb up, you need to let it be and turn left towards the cottages, which are there. Waterfall is waiting for you behind the trees. :) We didn’t know it and we climbed up the hill. But when we saw nothing and even google couldn’t tell where is the falling water, we went down cross the hill. With some random intuition we turned toward the cottages and we found the waterfall :)