Nature trip

Since urban tourism is quite difficult, and as we don’t want to destroy our visitors (we would like them to come again), we have always at hand some trip to nature. Neither last Saturday it was different and we went to our quite favourite place, on the hill Wallberg. Up and down we drove a cable-car, but then we hiked to the top of the peak (about half an hour). The chapel, which was reconstructed is already nice and finished. As usual, there were plenty of people who similarly like we went for a walk. The cows have not grazed there yet (but we could see loads of them on the meadows along the way from Munich), but many people doing paragliding fluttered in the air already.

Trip was great, the view even better and after a difficult hiking we anchored in a restaurant to gather strength. Guys ate peasant dish (sausage, bacon, sauerkraut and liver dumpling) and we tried Kaiserschmarrn (“Kaiser”, meaning “Emperor” and “Schmarrn” are “crumbs”), which are caramelised pancake pieces with raisins and apple sauce. i need to look for the recipe, because it was really good.