Finally, we went on a tour we had already planned for early summer. Somehow, it always rained or we were not at home and so I could only study our route theoretically. But last week we had an ideal weather and so we set off on the trip in the morning. We parked next to the cable-car station just outside the village Osterhofen and then we hiked three hours and three quarters up the hill Wendelstein 1838 m (at least we thought so according to a tourist guide, in fact, we went up two and half hours). Our tourist path led us on the road around few huts, then we went through the forest, crossed some meadows (traditionally among cows) and after two hours we saw a rocky peak with a cottage, a church and an observatory.

Around noon we heard bells ringing for the Mass and later also accompanying music. There are several paths leading to the peak and I think we chose truly scenic one. Just below the summit we saw a cogwheel railway running up from Brannenburg. Occasional difficult parts alternated with a friendly contour line, but when I saw a peak and great sightseeing places I didn’t mind any slope even the incredible amount of stairs at the very top. In the local Biergarten a Bavarian brassband played and we could smell a typical food. From the very top we had passed a panoramic walkway yet and tired drove down the cable-car to the parking place.