Another Oktoberfest (or Wiesn as local people would say) behind us, and this year we didn’t miss it. Well, we didn’t join the official event in traditional clothes inside one of the huge tents, but we dived in the great atmosphere and we drank one litter of beer. We didn’t see the initial ceremony this year, because we weren’t in the mood to go to the town in a rainy weather, but we did spent some hours together with our colleagues drinking beer at Oktoberfest. For me, there were too many people there and sometimes we couldn’t walk freely just to go with the flow, but the atmosphere was really amazing.

It’s unbelievable what buildings grew up on otherwise empty flat huge concrete place. Traditional decoration, blue and white bavarian flags, merry-go-rounds, sausages, baked meat, pretzels, beer and gingerbread and many people wearing typical leather trousers, shirts and colourful dresses with a plunging neckline dress… well that is basically how it looked like around us. It was said to us that inside the tents it is even better with traditional music, program and dancing, but it’s better to go there dressed appropriately. You can go inside either by joining a not fully occupied table making new friends or you can book a table for ten people a year before for about 200 euro. Well, we will try that next time.