What the last year brought

It started with skiing and two good feelings. One of them was the prospect of a new year that we could finally live together (this wish came true) and the second one because I submit my PhD thesis and even defended it. Although, it took me a while till I really got rid of it, that feeling was priceless. We started going on trips to the mountains, which I missed incredibly. I improved my German language skills. I found a job. We moved. I started to learn to play the guitar. And the cherry on the top at the end of the year was the fifth visit, this time from USA :) We have prepared for it at least one week in advance as we were warned that children are disaster. To our pleasant surprise, we relished those days and relaxed more than if we spent this time in a wellness centre. We slept well, I could talk to Kika endless, not to mention how well was cuddling with a smiled, soft and fragrant Kubko. Thanks to Ivka and Miško for the beautiful pictures.

PS It takes a lot of effort to overcome the past year.