Pasta maker

Tortellini belong to my favourite dishes. I have even a very good recipe for stuffing, but when I tried to prepare it last time, it reminded me more pirohy than tortellini. The problem was in a dough, it was too solid and I couldn’t roll it thin enough as well. And so I said that I would have to buy a pasta maker at some point. This Christmas, a pasta maker appeared in our kitchen and so I began to produce pasta. Well, at the beginning only tagliatelle, but the result ended up beyond all the expectations and so I share instructions here.

Ingredients (for four persons):

  • 300g flour
  • 2 PL Extra Virgin olive oil
  • 3 eggs

There is a rule that you need one egg for about 100g of flour. But it’s better to start with less amount of flour and then add it as necessary. It’s easier than to dilute a dough. I used about 270g of it. Mix the flour with the eggs and add the olive oil.The dough should be well kneaded (5-10 minutes) in a traditional way; press against with the underside of the palm, fold in a half and repeat until it is nicely smooth and elastic. Wrap the kneaded dough in a foil and let it rest in a refrigerator for about half hour. When you want to use it later, it can be stored in a freezer. Put the rested dough from the foil on a floured board as it will be sticky. Divide it into several smaller parts. These will be used for a pasta maker.With the each part, we will do the following: Make a little pancake with the hands, dust it with a flour from each side and roll it through the pasta maker set on the widest setting (setting number 1). Fold the dough sheet into half and dust with the flour from each side. Dusting is very important to prevent sticking.Roll it again through the pasta maker on the same setting. Repeat the process on the next setting until the desired thickness of the dough sheet. I ended up on the setting 7. Such a ready sheet can be used in lasagne, cut or shaped to desired shapes. I rolled it through my pasta maker extension intended for making tagliatelle. Ready pasta can be cooked immediately 2-3 minutes or dried for later use.