Cala Ratjada

This year, we couldn’t decide where to go on holiday. My usual desire for trips became unbalanced due to the work fatigue and it was replaced by a new desire (very unusual for me) to go to sea on a beautiful sandy beach and at most to make a trip to some of the local restaurants for culinary specialties. Andrej couldn’t believe his ears (after all those years with me, he has experienced many things but he only dreamed quietly about such a vacation with me when we became a couple) and a sudden panic seized him, what we’re actually going to do there. We were thinking about Ischia, last time it was really great there, but I wanted to try something new. Sardinia must be booked in advance because of prices. And in Sicily, I couldn’t choose a hotel in combination with some cozy town. Well, finally we went to Mallorca to the town of Cala Ratjada in the northeast of the island.

We viewed the inland of the island on the way from the airport to our hotel. Roads are very nice and wide there. The only weird things for us were the roundabouts in the middle of the four-lane expressway (no interchanges). Straw grass was occasionally complemented by a tree and except for some houses it looked rather depopulated. But this was quickly changed with he upcoming coast and we could see many hotel complexes and restaurants. Our hotel (La Pineda) was excellent, surrounded by pine trees. It had only two little issues. Despite my efforts to choose a small hotel it was still quite large complex and so we couldn’t enjoy our breakfast and dinner in peace and quiet. The second problem was that the pool bar was extremely slow-running.

There are three beaches in the town with crystal clear water. We used to go to the Cala Agulla the most. It was the longest beach and we could sleep comfortably in the shade of pine trees.

We relaxed very well. I even picked up my lost energy and finally we made a trip to the lighthouse at the very east point of the town. From the specialties, we tasted only Tapas and some salad and a cake in the hotel. The problem was we couldn’t find something typical Majorcan. The town was full of the German boutiques and fast-food restaurants. We rarely heard Spanish and when we finally thought we found a local restaurant (even with the Spanish name), a waitress welcomed us with a native German accent. But we ate fish at least the whole week and it was really tasty.