This was the only trip (not counting the local trips in the forest and cycling), which we managed to do during the summer. I planned more of them, but thanks to my incredible fatigue, I was glad that we were able to get at least here. Kampenwand itself is a rocky hill with a cross at the very top (the largest one in the Bavarian Alps), but the name is used to identify all the surrounding tourist area with lots of hiking routes, cottages and chapels. We went by the cable-car to the highest possible place and then we walked along the panorama way to the nearest hut. It’s a half-hour walk providing spectacular view of the surrounding land and the lake Chiemsee. We walked to a little chapel, we ate a gulash soup and then I started thinking about hiking up to the hill cross. But the rocks were shrouded in clouds and we could witness the helicopter rescue operation and so we just came back to the cable-car station. We stopped in the panoramic restaurant to taste an apple strudel and then I became so tired that I had to take a nap leaning on Andrej and warming up on the sun. Well, it seems like I only extended my list of places where to go on a trip :)