New tenant

I already hadfelt like we travelled not alone on the plane to Mallorca, but it was just a feeling and I convinced myself that it’s rather unlikely to be truth. After our vacation, I was full of energy only about two days and then it went down rapidly. I slept everyday 12 hours, during the weekend even more but nevertheless I felt like a ghost. Every day in the morning, I got up terribly tired and at the work, I always received a nice careful compliment that I look horrible and I should do something about it. In mid-July, I slowly began to be convinced of a little baby living in my belly, but I wanted to be sure and so even though I had told Andrej it probably hadn’t worked this time, we went to the pharmacy to buy a baby test. Well, I think the test was weird because instead of waiting 5 minutes for a result, it turned blue earlier than I managed to use it properly. It was so blue that I could contribute with a picture to the attached leaflet, but at least it caused that Andrej glowed like a Christmas tree, so it was definitely worth :)

What we’ve already known about the little one