Forester's house St. Hubertus

In the summer, enjoyable place for some beer and Bavarian food, in the winter a romantic place for Advent markets and walking through the snowy forest. First time, we were here cycling in the summer (the house is in the near forest about 2km from its edge) and we met there whole families on their trips relishing forest shade and the local atmosphere.

Well, last time I accidentally found the program leaflet for the Advent time, so we parked nearby and we walked on the snowy road towards the stands with Christmas decorations and refreshments. People were drinking mulled wine, buying Christmas trees and couple of them rode in a horse-drawn carriage. There were more and more people coming, I think that in the evening St. Nicolaus was expected to come, but we discovered a new path leading through the forest to our park place and so we walked away until it was light.

I can only add some pictures to imagine this place better, the best is to walk there by yourself.