Half a year old

Olivia managed another growth spurt (together with us). From what I read, we bore this quite well. She didn’t lose her appetite, quite the opposite. She didn’t cry too much, just started to realise the distances and occasionally gurgled, when she saw me going away from the room. But she slept less. In the evening, she always woke up after one hour of sleeping full of energy and ready to play.

Now we enjoy all the new skills she gained. Latest, she began, with the intent to go forward, to move backward. She starts learning to balance on her knees, but she hasn’t figured how to move by pushing off with her knees yet. So she moves like a frog, she jumps a bit, she lands on her nose and then she stretches out her arms for a toy. She grabs her feet and sucks her thumbs or she takes off her socks and sucks those. She starts catching things with her thumb and forefinger, she can laugh beautifully and she is still fascinated by trees.

We went to visit our friends in Switzerland. She was first time in a tram and in a train. We went for a walk and it started raining heavily. Olivia were exceedingly entertained looking at me in a big blue raincoat with wet hair. And we found out that dried apricots are good for Olivia to suck when she needs a break and we need some more minutes to stop the car. And finally I’m adding a panoramic view of Zurich from the Uetliberg tower.