Some photos

Last two weeks, we were really active and we took advantage of the last summer days. Beside swimming and crawling in the grass on the hill behind our house, we went to see animals in the forest. Olivia looked at a family of a wild boar and deer and then she looked up and watched trees.

And then we traveled toward grandparents. Olivia gained allattention and she started eating incredibly lot. Sometimes I keep wondering where all the food disappears in such a small baby. Near the raspberries and plums, she eagerly moved her legs and arms till she had full mouth and she tore apples enthusiastically.
Today we attended baby swimming for the first time. Olivia enjoyed it and glanced curiously over other babies. And when we immersed her in the water she stared at us astonished. Well we still need to improve this. When she likes something she can move really quickly toward it. I cannot say that she crawls. She uses not only knees but sometimes she tries to stand up on her feet, so we will see what will be the next. But she has not figured out yet that she is able to overcome a greater distance.