Last two months

We strengthen our immunity. I feel like one of us is always sick. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the hot summer days in the pool on the balcony, when it didn’t rain we were on the playground or otherwise we played at home. Olivia likes watering our plants on the balcony and she ate all our white currants (not to mention how much currants she ate at grandparents). Right now she is making another mental jump in her life and she learns to manage her emotions. And doing something that is not allowed makes her incredible joy. I must say that both of these activities are exhaustive and it’s difficult to maintain that peace of mind which I want to approach her with. She can go up and down the stairs and she tries to jump, she just hasn’t managed to get off the ground yet. Mom is a universal word to solve any problem, but other than that she can say sii (when she wants a cheese or cough syrup), tanie (plate), hajo (hallo) and when Andrej guides her to say daddy, she smiles and says mom.