We ended this summer with a trip to Italy. This time we were in one camping park near to Venice. On the way there we passed the Alps through many tunnels and after each tunnel Olivia said: “more”. The park was like a big village with lots of trees, nicely groomed and clean. There already were less people in tents and caravans, but the camping homes were quite busy. There were mostly families with children. The camp was nicely equipped for kids with children’s bathrooms and there were three trains driving through the camp. The sea was a bit cold for Olivia, but she enjoyed jumping over the waves and searching for shells anyway. She laughed when we covered her feet with the sand and her favourite word on the slides in the swimming pools was “more”. She liked as well a boat trip to Venice. I must say that Venice has its charm. Lots of narrow streets, bakeries, shops and gondolas. But after lunch it’s better to leave, because the streets are too crowdy and full of Japanese tourists.