Autumn holiday at the sea

This year’s summer holiday ended up as an autumn holiday. With September coming, itwas suddenly time for rain, wind and less sunshine. So I packed all the things like waterproof trousers, jackets and boots and we set off. We were outside all day long, even though it was raining. Dominik joyfully jumped in puddles and Olivia danced in the rain. With the kids on their bouncing bikes, we went through both parks (camping Italy and Union Lido), with stops on all the playgrounds. At the end, they were able to slide the highest tobogan down, although we convinced them at the very beginning that Dominik would not be able to climb high there. Two days were really beautiful and sunny and there were lots of people on the beach and in the sea. Otherwise, when the wind was not blowing to much, the beach was covered by hard-working parents with children building sand castles (in our case tractors and cars). The sea water was warm. While the kids were waiting for the next wave of water, I enjoyed the sea sound and the sea air. A favorite sport was also chasing the seagulls on the beach. In principle, we respected afternoon nap almost every day. We also bathed in the warm water in the swimmingpools, our kids were not very attracted to the water slides there (mainly because of the idea of ending up in the water). Well, and the great poit of our program was a small train running around the camp. Dominik couldn’t stop thinking about him, he would love to sit in the locomotive and drive. Such a pleasant vacation by the sea with a little bit unusual weather.