By the sea

We have already forgotten that we were at the sea, but Dominik is still talking about the big bucket pouring water into the pool. Finally, both our kids swam in the sea and were anxiously watching little crabs running at the bottom. Olivia took part in all creative activities (she made bracelets, paper fish and octopus, and she painted a litttle rabbit) and in the meantime, Dominik was exploring the swimming pools. We discovered amazing fruit drinks and we used to drink them everyday. Two of them (Ca’ Pasquali and Depurante), we enjoyed the most and we already made them several times at home.

Ca’ Pasquali: four large strawberries, red apple, nectarine, three stems of mint with leaves

Depurante: green apple, kiwi, a small piece of ginger

Put all the ingredients in the juicer and then pour it into the glass with some ice cubes.