Trips around Terchova

After two years, we travelled to Terchova again. We went to the town lookout Terchova heart (we learned it’s name later from a guide of the Terchova train) and it gives a wonderful view of the town and the surrounding hills.

We made again a trip to Vychylovka, Dominik still enjoyed the historical train and the local sheep. Then we rode a cable car from Vratna uphill and hiked over the Chleb hill, Steny (Walls) and Poludňový grúň to the cottage on Grúň.

Wenn I went down the hill Poludňový grúň I really regretted that I did not have any snow slider on which I could slide down the grass. It is really a shame that there is no good hiking trail. But otherwise, the view is wonderful there and Dominik managed to hike to Poludňový grúň more or less by himself. Well, and finally we went through the Jánošík lower holes. We went to Hotel Diery and then back from Štefanova by already mentioned Terchova train. It is a great attraction for children and a very nice idea how to connect Vrátna, Štefanova and Terchová, but you can never be sure if you will get a seat as it was always full.