Kindergarden kids

We have two kindergarden kids. Dominik joined Olivia in her lady bug group and he likes it very much. He enjoys music lessons and a big excavator in a sandbox. He already found a new friend, the same tractor enthusiast loving all the machines. Inspired by him, we sewed a tractor on Dominik’s gym bag and we bought slippers with the car pictures on them. The only thing Dominik resists is to sleep after the lunch. That’s why he is very tired and exhausted in the evening and he usually falls asleep around half past six while reading the books and then he sleeps until the next morning. Olivia is a preschooler. She draws lines, syllables words and makes experiments like discovering which objects can float on the water and which immerse in the water. And when the weather is ok, we ride bikes on the way home from the kindergarden. Dominik can already safely stop and start again.

Currently, they are doing an experiment in the kindergarden - two or three weeks without toys. So they play with large cardboard boxes, fabrics and varoius material. Every day, they create something from the paper, cork or bead. And just as they were frightened at the beginning when all the toys were going on holidays and they asked what they were going to do, they are now enthusiastic about exploring.