Cave in Postojna

This summer I wanted to make the travelling towards the sea more interesting and so I walked with my finger on the map hoping to find something and I found a huge cave in Postojna, Slovenia. The city is nice, everything is being renovated there, tourism is obviously beneficial. In front of the cave, which is on the outskirts of the city, there is a large parking lot, a few restaurants and souvenir shops, but they close relatively soon (we walked out of the cave around five in the afternoon and everything was almost empty and closed, so we found a restaurant in the city center) . We entered the cave by a train and went about 2.5 km. Already along the way, we could see the beautiful decoration of the cave. Inside, the cave is amazingly spacious, and there is also a hall for Christmas concerts and masses. We walked around 1.5km through the cave and then went out again by train but not exactly the same way as at the beginning. All the time, there is something to watch. Together you can see 5km of cave (total length is 24km and there is the possibility of a longer visit, maybe we will try it sometimes). We spent there almost two hours, in amazing air with a temperature of 8 degrees).