Istria is nice hilly and about as far away from us as Italy, so this time we decided to replace the sandy Italian beach with a pebble one. We stayed in the camping resort Lanterna near the town of Tar. The sea was clear, the beaches were well maintained (the algae were also cleaned up quickly after the storm) and there was a pleasant walkway along the beach. Everywhere was a wonderful shade of pine trees, so we spent practically all day on the beach. Children learned to slide on the water slides themselves, but the disadvantage I see was that almost in every swimming pool the water depth was just 80cm. This year it was fine, but I do not think we could go with it next year. The only thing, unusual about the camp, was that in the evening most people went by car to eat somewhere in the surrounding villages. This was recommended to us at the beginning as well, because it was supposed to be cheaper and better. We tried, we barely parked and got a table. The food was good, but in that warm weather we didn’t want to travel every day.