Dominik is four

Dominik became a proper kindergarten kid. His love for machines, whether agricultural, construction or trains, has not changed. He likes to disassemble things and then to repair them and build. Last time, he said he would like to be a builder. He is really full of surprises. With Olivia everything has its rules, with Dominik it just doesn’t work like that, he somehow always finds a way how to avoid them. He likes to draw, but he usually rather builds something, so sometimes I can’t estimate what he already can. So for example, we came to the doctor and Dominik had to draw a house, a tree and a man, and I wondered what it would be like and finally I found out that he can draw quite well. Or when we ask Olivia something, or guess an animal that someone is thinking about, quite often he just says the right answer. Olivia is freaking out and we really have to laugh. He celebrated his birthday with his best friend, Olivia made him a dinosaur invitation. They ate the cake and spent the rest of the party with the tractor in the garden.