First school day

A new school year began and Olivia became a Year One pupil. On the first day, she walked enthusiastically with the school cone and school bag to school. Olivia goes to 1.D class. So far we had more homework than her, but those she had she enjoyed very much. Reward for an active participation at school or for good homework are stamps on a special card. When she gets a certain number of them she may choose an extra reward (we don’t know what it is yet, but it motivates her greatly). We also managed to get all the notebooks and other needed things for her. With so many people running in the store, we finally ordered the most of it online. Either the design of the workbooks/notebooks has changed so much, or I really don’t remember school at all. Olivia enjoys going to school, we slowly excercise it so she would be able to go alone. Other kids from our street joined us as well, so there is a whole bunch of children going to school in the morning and Dominik and his friend joined us as well.