Long holidays

This summer, our kids went on vacation as soon as the holidays began. First to one grandparents, where they conserved everything the garden had given them and also celebrated Dominik’s name day and Olivia decorated a delicious cake for him. After a long time, they swam in the swimming pool and continued swimming in a lake with their another grandmother and grandfather. They played on all the playgrounds, Olivia learned to travel across a horizontal ladder hand over hand great. They tried all the good food and specialties, and Dominik fell in love with kofola. After three weeks we joined them, we enjoyed the hot summer days and after another two weeks they were ready to go home. There was still a week left until the beginning of school, but after a long break they were so preoccupied with the games and toys that I only met them at a meal. And today they went happily to school and kindergarten on their first day.