Short winter

This winter was somehow short, although of course it is not over yet and maybe after a short spring break it will snow again. But at least it snowed and the children were in the garden at every opportunity, building a house with a tunnel, which was nice and big in the end. Too bad that it melted so quickly. We did home learning much better than during the last lock down in April. I think partially it was also because of an online lesson with the teacher every day. Olivia sometimes complained that she could finished her homework in that time instead of it, but she was happy to at least see others. Dominik was busy with preschool homework sent to him from kindergarten. He also began to draw enthusiastically, the most often different tracks for toy cars, and then he played with them all morning. Fortunately, the school has already started, although only in alternating mode. But Dominik has his kindergarten every day, and next week there will be a regular piano lesson again instead of video calls.