Ready for school

Dominik is looking forward to school. The most to the school gym, playground and twice as long holidays as in kindergarten. And he also likes breaks and school trips. And after my exploratory look, he added that he would also like to learn a lot. He always has many questions and is interested in many topics from the ocean and its inhabitants, lithospheric plates to the formation of mountains and trenches. He always starts talking enthusiastically about something, or he asks questions which I can only partially answer and we look for answers together. He likes to build things, either according to instructions or just according to a picture or his own idea. He enjoy drawing and draws lines more confidently than before and can write letters nicely. In the kindergarten, they said that he could do the preschool tasks, he just was covering what he was doing with his hand and seemed insecure. He doesn’t always clap syllables in word correctly, because sometimes he claps letters instead and he can’t jump on his left foot (which we have practiced in the meantime). When he is in the middle of the game with his friends and they call him to do some preschool activities, he is not very excited. They would give him another year in kindergarten. At home, on the other side, he enthusiastically talks about everything they did. I think he’s mature for school and he will manage it. He is already not very happy about going to kindergarten when his friends are not present for a longer period of time. So together with Olivia, we encourage him and praise him so he gets little more of confidence. And Dominik chose excited a school bag :)