Dominik is six

Dominik is a bit older again. He still likes to cuddle, but especially when he needs something or wants to complain that someone has hurt him. He started playing guitar. He is mostly lazy to practice what his teacher tells him, but he always has the guitar in his hands and plays. At the end he can play everything as needed in class and he catches chords as if he was born with it. He started playing tennis with Olivia and is currently very excited about football. With his friends, they play in the kindergarten every day and at home, he got football goal nets for his birthday. He also celebrated his birthday by playing football with friends. Then they jumped in the trampoline, looked for the treasure, and ate everything they could. Dominik said that the celebration was cool. We also pleased that the city swimming pool is opened again and go swimming at least three times a week. Dominik can already swimm the entire length (25m) and Olivia loves swimming with flippers.