Summer full of activities

The end of July was busy and more demanding, because in the school, they tried to catch up with all the tests to get enough grades, but we still managed to spend a lot of time on the bikes with the children. We discovered playgrounds in neighboring villages and tasted ice cream everywhere. Dominik was symbolically thrown out from kindergarten. Olivia spent an evening full of reading at school. In Biergarten, a small farewell event was organised for Olivia’s teacher, who teached them the first two years and then the holidays could begin. Olivia learned to gallop on a horse the first week, and together with Dominik they spent the second week in a tennis camp. We played a game organised by the city, in which we looked for yellow question papers in the forest and guessed the answers. The children were rewarded at the end. We learned to play badminton and grilled whenever possible.