Family holiday after long time

At the end of the holidays, we finally managed to travel to our family. Almost traditionally and with great joy, the children helped with cooking of tomato sauce and harvesting the potatoes. They rode on a tractor with harrow and all the time played outside. It was no longer very warm, we skipped swimming this year, but the children discovered in the store a sticker magazine about interesting places in Slovakia, which they were very interested in. They collected all the stickers really in a recordly short time. They got some in the store, but we gained most of them in exchange within the family. Finally, we went on two trips, to the ruins of Korlátko and Mohyla. And we made a commitment to organize more sightseeing trips next time. We also visited grandma and grandpa and we played on all our favorite playgrounds, threw pebbles into the see and ate Langos (flatbread with garlic and cheese). We also tried the cucumber mint lime drink, which we really liked. We also tried to prepare it at home, but we overdid it a bit with cucumbers. When we find the right ratio of ingredients, I will write a recipe. It was a nice end of the summer.