School has started

School has started again, this year with Dominik. He proudly walked to school with his bag and a school cone almost larger than himself. He quickly figured out where what is, how it works with lunch and that he can play outside during breaks. He likes doing his homework right after the school and it is better to leave him alone until he is finished and then quickly check it with him. The new situation, fatigue and enthusiasm literally caused his emotions to erupt. Quite often, and it really wasn’t our fault, he just remembered in te middle of his homework, that he should do something with a colored pencil instead of an ordinary one, and everything was already flying around him and he was angry. Fortunately, it didn’t last long. And then he had a forgetful phase about two weeks, during which he came home every day without something; without a cap, without a sweater, without a bottle, with a cracked lunch box. We were just thinking about what else can be forgotten. We also ran several times for forgotten exercise books to the school, so that he could do his homework. But fortunately, this passed too and he became somehow a great schoolboy.